State Implementation

New York Comprehensive Center (NYCC) consultants worked with a core group of state education department leaders over two years to enhance their understanding of formative assessment and clarify the state education department’s role in district formative assessment implementation. Since the first planning meeting of this project in March 2007, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) has had an internal working group that has met regularly to discuss formative assessment, keep abreast of the work done onsite in Syracuse, and plan for both internal capacity building and dissemination to external groups. This cross-departmental work group includes representatives from the offices of Curriculum and Instruction, School Improvement, Professional Development and Special Education. They have helped share information about formative assessment in a variety of ways, including organizing training for nearly 100 NYSED staff members over the first two years of the project and leading statewide awareness sessions with key professional organizations.


  • Built common understanding of the research base of formative assessment and established agreement that formative assessment is an instructional process, not a test.
  • Provided research, technical assistance and training to build capacity and statewide leadership on formative assessment.
  • Promoted cross-departmental communication regarding the relationship between current state initiatives and formative assessment.