The New York Comprehensive Center (NYCC) is one of 16 regional comprehensive centers that are federally funded to implement the goals of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). In doing so, we engage the New York State Education Department in using research-based findings and rigorous evidence. The Center provides technical assistance services to meet the Department’s priority needs and further the key initiatives of the US Department of Education. Additionally, the NYCC works with the State on emerging needs based on new statutes and policy mandates. The NYCC’s main focus is on those activities which have the greatest potential for developing the state’s capacity in helping improve student outcomes.

The NYCC continually reviews the state service delivery plan through regular meetings with state education leaders to discuss their priority and emerging needs for technical assistance. This allows the Center to supplement the special initiatives with specific requests for additional capacity building support.

The New York Comprehensive Center’s (NYCC) work plan is developed in collaboration with the New York State Education Department (NYSED) and is organized around several initiatives that address issues of high priority to NYSED.

The Common Core Learning Standards-ELA, Literacy and Math Team’s goal is to partner with NYSED’s planning and schedule for the introduction of Common Core Learning Standards statewide.

A common need across the state is for formative assessment systems, aligned to state standards, that give instructors timely feedback on student performance. NYCC presents educational leaders with information and conducts training about Comprehensive District and School Assessment Systems using scientifically based methods of assessing student academic performance and evaluating the effectiveness of instruction.

The goal of the Educational Technology Team is to partner with NYSED to strengthen and support their leadership and build their capacity to make informed policy and implementation decisions in the arena of educational technology.

The objectives of the Educator Effectiveness Team are to support and build NYSED’s capacity to develop and implement policies and procedures that support the goals of Race To The Top for high academic achievement of students and increased rigor in the preparation of teachers for SIG, Turnaround, and all schools.

The NYCC supports Family and Community Engagement in the learning process by expanding parents’ knowledge of their rights and choices under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and providing them with access to resources.

Additionally, the Center builds the capacity of the state education department to provide and align a robust set of services through a Statewide System of Support.